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  • Alison Cremeans started the conversation

    I've been working on a new website at this dev location. I can access the backend and make changes, but nothing is viewable from the front end. Any idea why this would be happening? http://n70.414.myftpupload.com/

  • Alison Cremeans replied

    How long does it take to get support? 

    I've narrowed the problem to the WP LESS plug in. When it's deactivated... i can see the website but it's not the colors I have set and the contact form isn't at all functional. When I activate it, I can't see anything on the front end but a white screen.

    I'd like to launch the site ASAP... obviously I can launch an entirely blank site.

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    Theme replied

    Hi there. Sorry for the delay. Based on your description of the problem, I will need to pinpoint the problem from the backend. Could you give me access to your WordPress Admin in a private post?

    Please note that this is not a common problem, and finding the cause of it may take some time. Thank you for your patience.

  •   Alison Cremeans replied privately
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    Theme replied

    Hi there. I've solved the problem for you.

    For some reason, one of the theme options was empty and that caused the errors of the WP LESS plugins. Using the reset all feature of the theme panel can reset the theme options. Please make sure that every theme option is non-empty to avoid this error.

    For the contact form, if you switch to the original contact form, you can see that it's working properly. If you want to use a customized form, please make sure that the form is customized based on the original form so that you won't introduce extra code that would potentially make the original styles stop working. Thanks!