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Portfolio, click to view action no lightbox


  • Gareth started the conversation

    When clicking the magnify icon on each portfolio item in the portfolio section the light box does not appear.

    - there are no categories for portfolio items

    - I did not use the import sample data tool

    - the plugin "Advanced Custom Fields PRO" states it is out of date, but like I say I installed the theme today.

    Let me know if there is anything more you need from me


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    Theme replied

    Hi there. Please follow the instructions in the manual to install the theme properly. You'll need to import the quick start sample data, as it contains important settings that will enable the theme to work properly. You can always modify or delete the contents of the sample data later on based on your needs.

    The current version of the ACF Pro plugin works properly with the theme. We will only upgrade to the newer version when we verify that it is compatible with the theme.